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Katso video
Katso video
Katso video

True Metal in the Vein of Manowar from Finland's Next Metal Export

Back in 2008 we (Eemeli and Niko) were talking about the greatness of Manowar and true metal in general. We agreed that it would be great to start our own true metal band which would follow the same rules as our idols back in the 80s.
Niko said that he would like to have the band to be named Strider, a name which he had heard watching the Lord of the Rings movie some years earlier. Eemeli wrote a couple of songs for the band immediately while Niko ordered a band logo from Roman Ismailov.
A few years went by. Every now and then the two of us talked about the band and some new songs were also written. After some time it was clear that we had some great material on the works and now it was time to find members true enough to play in this band.
Niko had met Mardewar and Tuska E. already in Magic Circle Festival 2008 and we met each other every now and then at Manowar concerts. When we asked Marde and Tuska to join the band, they didn’t hesitate a second. Now we were only missing a guitar player. We tried out a couple of players but none of them were skilled or true enough for Strider. So, we decided to record some songs to put online, to make it easier to look for a guitarist.
Meanwhile, Eemeli had moved from Tampere up north to Kuusamo, where he joined a band called Fleshwolf and met Ville. When Niko heard about Ville’s skills, he asked if Ville could do a guest solo for the hit song We Are Strider that would go online to help with the hunt for a guitar player.
However, when Niko heard Ville’s solo, he realised that there could only be one person to fit the band with his skills and his attitude. After the first rehearsals with Ville, we knew that this was it: We had the perfect line-up and it was time to start to record the first album.
After recording ten songs for the debut, it was time to find the perfet deal to release the album. We found home for our firstborn on the Åland islands with Lion Music and so the debut album, Dominion of Steel, was unleashed to the world on the 29th of November 2019.
It took no less than 11 years from the first idea to the debut album to see the daylight! This was a bit too slow a pace, so it was time to speed things up: After a succesful tour of Finland in late 2019, the Tour of the Baltic Sea brought Strider to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in February and March of 2020.
The second album has now been written and so far the new material feels very strong to us. Furthermore, a Czech/German tour is planned for the future.
In 2021, Strider will rewrite the true metal history with their second album. Stay tuned!


Fighting with Steel for the Steel!